Before the year 2002, no one had considered 31 December as a date worthy for any form of congregation; be it for worship, entertainment or whatever celebration. After Christmas day, everyone looked forward to New Year’s day or 1st January and many churches if not all would be open for mass or service for the believers to thank God for the new year. On the same date, later in the evenings entertainers would stage their shows and people would rejoice for having entered into the New Year. When God first spoke to me about the Passover Festival on 8th October 2002, our nation, Uganda was yet to celebrate 40 years of independence. And therefore, marking a generation as biblically highlighted. God showed me that He was taking the nation into another generation. He instructed me to gather His people every end of year so that He would bless them. The inception of the Passover Festival was therefore to mark the beginning of a new generation. God’s promise was that, “The Lord Has Rolled Away The Reproach From You. Joshua 5:9”. Thus the initiation of the Passover Festival. As a nation, Uganda entered into another generation, but also as individuals, to those whose trust and hope is in the Lord, this marked the beginning of a new life for everyone. And from that day, the Lord has been faithful to His promises, with a new one for each year, such as 2003 – “Let My People Go. Joshua 9:1”, 2004 – “On The Third Day…Come Down On The Mountain. Exodus 19:11-19”, 2005 – “Go Forward. Exodus 14:15”, 2006 – “You Shall Not Be Alone. Exodus 23:20”, 2007 – “He Healed Them All. Malachi 4:2 / Ps.103:3”, 2008 – “God Will Fight For You. Exodus 14:14, 25”, 2009 – “Shout For The Lord Has Given You The City. Joshua 6:1-20”, 2010 – “The Year Of An Open Heaven. Deuteronomy 28:1-14”, 2011 – “Come Buy Even Without Money. Isaiah 55:1”, 2012 – “An Opportunity To Start Afresh. Leviticus 25:1-55”, 2013 – “Divine Positioning and Connections. 1 Kings 17:3-4”, 2014 – “Help Is On The Way. Isaiah 41:13” Today, to most people as if the New Year ’s Day no longer counts. Everybody looks forward to the 31st of December. Churches of different denominations are open for service and even mosques. All open grounds and stadia are occupied day and night. Through all the past 13 years, God has amazed us with His faithfulness to His word. Tremendous testimonies about different issues in life abound as a result of this one day in 2 years’ meeting with the Creator of the Universe. People from all walks of life have attended the Passover Festival, mention; religious leaders, politicians, government ministers and many national and international dignitaries. Many have received Jesus to be the Lord and Saviour of their lives and still testify of the Lord’s goodness. As a ministry, we can only glorify God.
  • Pr. Freda Serwadda

  • Ap. Dr. Joseph Serwada

  • Mr. Stephen Lumu

  • Gyagenda Semakula

About the Passover Festival

For the last 11 years, Joseph and Freda have been hosting the Passover Festival an Annual Celebration to end the year. The event has attracted patrons in excess of 120,000 at the Mandela National Stadium. These meetings have been attended by the President's family and other senior government dignitaries.
The 12th Passover Festival will be broadcasted on local Televison and also Streamed online for international viewers. You will be able to send your prayer requests and testimonies directly to the event through our website via facebook and Twitter
The country is just recovering from the shock of growing evils such as homosexuality, corruption, divorce, murder and abortion.
All this filth was dedicated to God at the eleventh Passover Festival in Namboole stadium on New Year’s Eve. Dr Joseph Serwadda and Pastor Freda Serwadda, the festival conveners, encouraged Christians to reject such evil offered in exchange of favours from western countries.
“I am hoping that as Parliament resumes this February, the first thing tabled will be the anti-homosexuality bill,” Serwadda said as the huge crowd roared its approval.

He prophesied that 2014 would be a year that would see many travelling to different countries, Ugandans engaging in all kinds of business and also the western countries willing to aid Uganda. The pastors from Victory Christian Church also prayed for love to reign in marriages, to curb divorce rates.
Other preachers on hand to bless Ugandans were Apostle Charles Tumwine and  Pastor Irene Manjeri, who prophesied freedom in 2014 for those at Namboole. Dr Von T. Peaks from USA and Dr Hugh Osgood from the UK were chief guests.

It was not just the preaching that kept the thousands glued to their seats; various performances by Uganda’s gospel artistes such as Joseph Segawa and Wilson Bugembe thrilled the masses. Pr. Wilson Bugembe performed his Nangirira at the stroke of midnight, a song that prophesies a good new year.

Believers danced and chanted praises to God as fireworks lit up the sky at the stroke of midnight, and Christians waved their written prayer requests. Carol Budhwike, Sam Kambale and the Victory choir also performed. Cosmetics company, Movit, gave out prizes such as bicycles, motorcycles and a Toyota Noah.

-The Weekly Observer.  


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